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Carne Ross is a former British diplomat, founder of Independent Diplomacy and author of 'The Leaderless Revolution'. In 2004, he gave secret evidence to a British inquiry about Iraq pre-war intelligence. His damning testimony brought into question the alleged Iraqi threat, the legality of the war, and acknowledged the refusal of the British government to consider viable alternatives.

In this interview, he discusses the new 'Occupy Money Cooperative', Iraq, Edward Snowden, and more. Enjoy!

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For Episode 79 of the Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast, Guy Evans finishes breaking down Chapter 6 ('Propaganda and Political Leadership) of Edward Bernays' seminal text 'Propaganda'. In a mammoth 93 minute edition of the show, find out how Bernays predicted that the politicians of the future would originate from the same social circles; discover how the techniques developed in his era to pique public interest in prominent personalities are still utilized today; and enjoy a special guest interview from Vasko Atanasoski of the Macedonian band 'Bernays Propaganda'!

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Tom Secker is a researcher, author and documentary filmmaker, best known for his films '7/7: Crime and Prejudice' and '7/7: Seeds of Deconstruction'. A return guest, Secker joins the show once again to discuss his new book 'Secrets, Spies and 7/7', his doubts regarding Edward Snowden, public apathy as concerns political involvement, and more. Enjoy!




Susan Lindauer is a former U.S. intelligence asset and author of the book 'Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act'. Susan is also a regular guest of the Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast -  and in this episode, she discusses the recent NSA 'revelations' brought to light by Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, the growing surveillance state, and much more. 

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Episode 76 of the Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast continues Guy Evans' systematic examination of Edward Bernays' seminal text, 'Propaganda'. This week, we further break down Chapter 6, 'Propaganda and Political Leadership', which alludes to themes of personality, image, brand association, and the co-operation between the business and political worlds. A great show as always so check it out, enjoy, and spread the word!!!

After a brief hiatus, the Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast is back with Episode 75 of the show! Special guest and original co-host James Wilson joins Guy Evans to discuss Edward Snowden, the future of technology, Microsoft Vs Sony, veganism, and more! Peace!

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